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Top 5 Asian Fusion Restaurants in Melbourne

Melbourne is known for having amazing food and fantastic restaurants. From lane-way secrets to food trucks and 5-star kitchens that leave a lengthy queue, there’s always something to whet your appetite. Asian fusion is one trend that has taken off across the city and shows absolutely no sign of slowing down. So, to make sure that you get a taste of what’s going on, we’ve done the research and come up with the top 5 Asian fusion restaurants in Melbourne that you need to visit.  

1. Red Spice Road

Fill your tummy with delicious meals that draw inspiration from all across Asia. Red Spice Road serves up unique creations that represent a medley of Thai, Malaysian, Chinese and Vietnamese food. For dumpling platters that are great for sharing, to large main meals that hit all the right spots, it’s definitely a destination worth visiting. We absolutely love their soft-shell crab and Singaporean barramundi curry. Choose Red Spice Road and you won’t be disappointed.

2. Straight Outta Saigon

Our next offering caters for Thai and Vietnamese fusion style eating and is no stranger to clever titles. You will love their pho options and the delicious, fresh ingredients that go into each loving bowl. Tuck into some vermicelli noodles with vegetables and beef for lunch and then try fried chicken pieces come dinner. So, next time you find yourself on Russell St in the CBD, swing by Straight Outta Saigon and you will love what the menu has to offer.

3. Kung Fu Burger

Enjoy amazing Chinese inspired burger creations that borrow from Asian culture and cooking. The team at Kung Fu Burger run specials across the year that are always popular. Think Japanese curry and tofu dominos generously spread throughout your mighty burger. Look out for some funny menu items too, like the ‘Minister Chicken’ and the ‘Oh Crab’. For some extra kick, try the ‘Thai Boxer’ and show off your marital arts expertise.    

4. Orientable

Prepare yourself for a unique experience when Korean and Japanese flavours fuse together. Orientable has perfected the art of combining different cultures to create memorable results. Look out for this restaurant in Abbotsford and you’ll soon be well fed. Expect tasty meat and vegetable options along with plenty of rice dishes to keep you and your guests totally in bliss. Orientable is definitely a must visit venue on our Asian fusion list.   

5. Pop-Up Buddha

We love the name and you will love the food. The amazing people at Pop-Up Buddha know how to make dishes that appeal to the eyes as much as they do the taste buds. From the menu, you’ll find Japanese inspired dishes that blend with other delicacies from all across Asia. Start with appetising fish plates and then move to the popular teriyaki chicken and tofu vegetable curry. There’s plenty to choose from and something to suit even the fussiest of eaters.  

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