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Top 4 Ways to Organise a Themed Party

Organising a themed party is a great experience that will bring with it plenty of laughter and fun. It’s one that provides the opportunity to express yourself and invite your guests to celebrate in their own unique way. To help you throw the best themed party ever, we have come up with 5 killer tips that will have your guests reminiscing for years to come.

1. Think about your guest list

Consider who will be walking through the door and plan accordingly. This means taking the time to think strategically about what will appeal to who, and how you can maximise the fun factor for everyone that attends. If your guests adore a certain subject, then incorporate that into your theme. Bonus points if you actually include your close friends in the planning process. Maybe you could open a poll and invite input and feedback? If nothing else, you’ll get some ripper ideas for next time.

2. Serve the right food

Food will make or break your event – so be sure to serve something that fits the theme. If it’s a fun and vibrant affair, then have plenty of beautiful appetisers and canapés to delight the eyes and the taste buds. Be sure to offer a wide variety of dishes too (while still in theme) to ensure that everyone is catered for. Picky eaters can be tough to please, but if you win them over then you are well on your way to pulling off an amazing night.

3. Keep the drinks relevant

Great drinks should also be on par with the theme of the function. If it’s a wild night for the adults to let their hair down, then have a stocked bar with plenty of beer, wine and bubbles. Alternatively, for something a little more responsible, provide some exciting mocktails that speak to the occasion and keep people talking (and drinking) all throughout the night. Once again, you’ll want to include an enticing array of options, so everyone feels included.

4. Make the music count

It wouldn’t be a fantastic time without amazing music, so make sure that your selection fits the bill and doesn’t spoil the evening. Appropriate tunes will build ambiance and create an atmosphere that keeps people in the mood to party. Whether it’s jazz, swing, R&B or anything else, have plenty of classics on rotation and you can’t go wrong. Good music can make the difference between a hit or a flop, just keep it relevant to the theme of your party. 

The answer

Throwing a themed party is one way to ramp up the fun factor and impress guests. From colourful soirees to opera nights and everything in between, be sure to put the effort in and your hard work won’t go unnoticed. If you need help organising a function room for your next celebration, get in touch with our event planners at Bond and you won’t be disappointed. We look forward to helping with your perfect evening.