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Taking Your Corporate Christmas Party Outside of the Office

We wouldn’t be wrong in saying that corporate Christmas parties can sometimes feel a little bit old and stale. You see the same people every day, you’re stuck in the same workspace and you all share the same boss. But did you know that there’s actually an easy fix? It’s called taking your corporate Christmas party away from the office, and we have the perfect plan just for you. So, put your party shoes on and get ready to follow our roadmap around the city that is sure to leave your team in the mood to celebrate this Christmas.

Step 1: Drinks

Knock off early and escape the office cubicles by hitting the town for some glorious refreshments that are guaranteed to get everyone feeling great. Start at a local pub that is within walking distance and then hop over to something a little more sophisticated. Be mindful that a lot of people may not have eaten, so take care to keep things under control during the early stages. If the night is feeling particularly Christmassy, however, then be sure to twist the right arm and get your boss to shout plenty of drinks. 

Step 2: Dinner

Okay, so everyone is a few drinks in and it’s time to get some food to further fuel the night. Head down some of Melbourne’s iconic laneways and look for hidden restaurants that are snug and cosy. Try Asian fusion or look for hearty rustic diners that will well and truly satisfy the hunger needs of your squad. Grab some naughty dessert if you need something to please a collective sweet tooth and you’ll be good to go.   

Step 3: Christmas lights

Explore the CBD and follow the bright lights and tinsel for some wholesome fun. Wander around the city streets with your colleagues and check out the great big Christmas trees and the wonderful shows. Melbourne comes to life during the festive season and adding this to your list of activities is definitely a great idea. Enjoy plenty of free shows, music acts, comedy performances and more for a fun time that you won’t soon forget.

Step 4: Book a booth

Once you start feeling your legs beginning to fade, it’s time for the real fun to begin. Head indoors and book a booth at one of Melbourne’s premier event spaces to kick your corporate Christmas party into overdrive. Look for a welcoming space that has plenty of room for relaxing, partying and awesome conversations.

Exciting drink menus and tasty food should never be out of reach. When you’ve had your fill, follow the music and head for the dance floor to enjoy endless fun with your work buddies.

Corporate Christmas parties should be entertaining and there’s no better way to do that then by exploring everything that Melbourne has to offer. Keep the friendly cheer going by heading to a fantastic night space that boasts amazing hospitality. Your company can currently reserve a place at Bond Melbourne for an unforgettable experience. Contact our professional team and we will gladly answer all your questions and more.