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Spice up Your Office Christmas Party This Festive Season

Christmas is fast approaching and it’s time to start planning your office party. While traditional ideas are great and work well, it’s always a good move to change things up a little and go slightly off menu. That’s why we have come up with a list of ways to spice up your office Christmas party. Think movie marathons, Santa’s elves, a winter wonderland plus the opportunity to head out and spread the Christmas cheer later in the night. Check out the themes below for inspiration when it comes time to organise your office party. 

Winter wonderland

Deck the halls and push the desks aside. Create a winter wonderland in the office and the team will be more than impressed. Feel free to skip the actual snow and opt for the fake stuff instead. Think polyester sprinkles and maybe even a warm blanket made out of the stuff too. Set up a bunch of decorative lights to add to the atmosphere and have plenty of tinsel on hand to drape over chairs, workstations, computer screens and everything else that you can find. Last but not least, don’t forget to set up a great Christmas tree with the assistance of some helpers.

Santa’s Workshop/Christmas elves

Recruit the team and redistribute some important roles. For this office party you’ll want people to get hard to work making Santa’s toys along with tasty treats and delicious drinks. Put the sales team in charge of gift wrapping presents and keep them accountable for any ripped paper, floppy bows and untied string.

Get the designers on hand to whip up some amazing Christmas style drinks including eggnog and plenty of fun cocktails. Everyone else can help with putting some icing on the cakes and desserts for that decadent touch. Candy should be in circulation at all times to ensure that Santa’s workshop remains as productive as ever.   

Christmas movie marathon

Grab the projector and get comfy because it’s time for a Christmas movie marathon, right here in the office. Some hot popcorn is always a great touch and will keep people well and truly catered for throughout the entirety of the entertainment. As for some great movie titles? We recommend Home Alone, The Santa Clause, Bad Santa and of course The Grinch too. Have a heap of warm blankets and some comfy bean bags around as the team spreads out and enjoys the big screen for their corporate Christmas party.    

Head out and spread the cheer

Once the fun has ended in the office, it’s always a good idea to head out and spread the Christmas cheer. Visit some of Melbourne’s best party hot spots for a fantastic night that will definitely ramp up the fun factor and bring on the celebration fun. Always look for a space that has access to a variety of areas, including spacious booths, wicked dance floors, bars and more. The music should be pumping, and gorgeous food and amazing drinks should never be out of reach.

For venue hire and function rooms that can make a real difference to your office Christmas party, get in touch with the team at Bond Melbourne. Our event planners have extensive experience creating unique and exciting events that are perfect for corporate clients looking to let their hair down and have an awesome time. Call us today on 03 9981 9007 and let’s chat about how our service can match your needs.