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Melbourne’s top 5 team building activities

Whether you’ve got 10 members or 100, choosing a team-building activity for any number of people can be a challenge in itself. There are so many different choices available to you: will it be a scavenger hunt, karaoke, or paintball? Or, will it be less active with a cooking class or meditation?

Before you decide, there are many factors to consider when choosing a team-building activity. In addition to the budget and time constraints, you’ll also need to take into consideration the health of your participants, their personality (whether they are more introverted or extroverted), and the aim of the activity. Most importantly, it should be a reflection of your company’s values. 

So, how do you choose the one team building activity that is sure to deliver a 99% attendance rate? Here’s our top 5 suggestions:

  1. Wine tasting: What’s a more sophisticated and stylish way to help your team bond than to get together at a winery estate and sample the best the land has to offer? Bonus points if the wine tasting tour tests you on their information as well.
  2. Walking tours: You and your team won’t have to travel far for this one – simply get cultured with a local walking tour of your area. Chances are, you haven’t done this before and you’ll be able to learn a bit more about the streets around you where you work.
  3. Day spa pampering session: All those hours in the office and in front of a computer can affect your joints. So, why not get the group together for a day of massages and pampering? It doesn’t have to be a full body massage: you can pick a region – like your head and shoulders, feet, or legs – and relax while the masseuse does their job. Ahh, bliss.
  4. Escape room: You’re given 70 minutes to unravel the mystery within a hidden, interactive room… in which there’s no escape. Okay, well there is an escape, but you’ll have to solve the riddle that opens the door by working with your other team members.
  5. Show-and-tell: Yes, just like you did in primary school – only cooler. Have your team members bring in a prized possession, and let them share a two-minute story about it with the entire group. 

And after the day is done? Head on down to the aptly named Bond Melbourne, where you and the gang can let the festivities continue well into the night.

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