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How to pitch your corporate event… and get a yes!

When it comes to pitching an event, it can be both exciting and of course… a little nerve-wracking asks you to pitch an event, the experience can be both exhilarating and nerve-wracking. Whether you’re pitching to a client or to internal stakeholders, it can be tough finding the right way to pitch your event ideas in a way that speaks their language… and gets you a yes!

But, don’t stress. In fact, with just a little bit of preparation, you’ll be able to work your magic to get the outcome you deserve, and you might even enjoy the pitch too!

Keep reading to find out how to nail your next event pitch. From now on, there will be never be a ‘no’ ever again!

Focus on the objectives: While you’ve envisioned an amazing masquerade themed soiree for your next corporate event, you might want to think about your objectives before you actually pitch your event. If the objectives for the event is just to provide employees with a simple internal team building exercise, asking everyone to dress up and cover their faces with masks kind of defeats the object – right? Just note that with in depth research, you’ll be able to speak directly to your client or manager’s needs. Centre your pitch around key objectives to sure you gain the attention of those you’re presenting to.

Keep it short and sweet: Think about the number of meetings you sit through each day. Whether it be client facing or internally, you’re busy. With that in mind, crafting a simple pitch that doesn’t take hours to sit through is ideal. Not only does this show you respect your team or your client’s time, but it means whatever you do say has to add value. Present your key points only and you’re onto a yes.

Involve your audience: Sure, a snazzy proposal deck will help your cause and show that you actually care, but simply standing in front of a screen and reading your notes isn’t always enough. Why not create a little quiz or a game to get people involved and amp up the excitement? This demonstrates how much you care and often, it’s the people that go make a lot of effort with their pitch that come out on top. Especially when you’re being pitted against others!

Paint a picture: When it comes to pitching, people love details. The more details, the better! How? Tell a story and showcase your vision to make them understand why, what and how. We’re all programmed to understand stories, and an in-depth story can help you build a real narrative throughout your proposal.

Pitch and get a yes today!

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