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How to Dress for the Event: Guys

Everyone wants to look as good as they can come the night of the big event and dressing to impress doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, with just a few quick tips, any guy can up their style factor and come out looking smashing for the big do. We’ve dug deep to find the best-kept secrets and are prepared to share. So, read on to learn from the experts and you’ll always come up looking amazing.

1) Well Fitting Clothes

Make sure that what you wear fits really well. Whether it’s a dinner suit, tuxedo, classy shirt or anything in between, be sure to dress in something that flatters your body type. Show off your hard work spent in the gym with an outfit that complements your natural shape and size. Ensure that your jacket isn’t too big, so you don’t get lost in layers of fabric that hide who you really are. If you’ve got it, flaunt it. Definitely stop by a tailor for any last-minute adjustments too. 

2) Plenty of Colour

Show off your personality with some amazing colours that speak to your own sense of personal style. Traditional black has its place, don’t get us wrong, but so too does a bit of lightness. Look for bold colours that pair well with a suit jacket. Focus on tie and handkerchief combinations that help you to stand out and you’ll be well on your way to a smashing ensemble. For extra flair, take the colour to your socks and really get snazzy.

3) Creative Expression

Don’t fall for a dull and simple outfit that leaves you looking boring. Formal occasions are meant to be fun and you should dress for just that, regardless of convention. Rock an awesome hat that steals the show or a pair of suspenders to upgrade your look. We are all for creativity and believe it can make a real difference to your evening. Be it for awesome photos or to peak the interest of a special someone, you won’t regret being daring and courageous with your wardrobe selection. 

4) Comfort

Don’t underestimate the importance of being comfortable throughout the night. While visual appeal is really important, people will know if you aren’t feeling yourself in the outfit that you choose. Comfort in this sense applies to the actual fit (not too tight, not too loose) and also how confident you feel in everything. There’s no point going for a show stopper if you are too nervous to leave the bathroom, so always be sure to check in with your nerves on the night and double-check that you are good to go with your final selection. 

The Final Dress Code

Have an awesome time and dress for the occasion by taking note of these simple tips. Always look for a well-fitted suit jacket, trousers, shirts and more. For more of a statement, be sure to include plenty of colour and a creative item too.

Finally, don’t overlook comfort or you’ll be stuck wearing a grimace all night, which won’t look good to anyone. Our team of experts can help you with venue hire for your next big function. Speak with Bond Melbourne today for further assistance.