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How To Dress For The Event: Girls

Getting ready for your next event involves some time and effort but should also be heaps of fun. Every girl wants to look and feel amazing and so much of this comes down to the outfit that you choose. Look for a beautiful dress, amazing shoes and a jacket that matches everything. Don’t forget to aim for comfort too and you’ll look elegant and wonderful for the whole celebration.  


Choose a dress and then match the rest of your outfit accordingly, that’s what we recommend. Look for a flattering fit and a colour that works well with your skin tone. Depending on the style of the event, you might have to adhere to some simple dress requirements, but other than that you are pretty much free to mix things up accordingly. Go for something fun and creative to turn heads or choose a traditional black number to play it safe with a tried and true classic.  


Grab the right pair of shoes for the occasion and you’ll be well on your way to looking fabulous for your next big event. Choose sky-high heels to make a statement and get noticed. Alternatively, opt for something a little more relaxed like a cute pair of flats and you’ll definitely be ready for the dance floor. Either way, select something that feels best for you and your outfit. 

Tip: You don’t have to lash out on expensive shoes, be sure to raid your wardrobe and even ask your friends if they have something special that you can borrow.  


Whether it’s warm or cold outside, you’ll want to have a jacket on hand. It’s no secret that it gets freezing in winter, so be sure to pack something responsible that will get you to and from your event in one piece. Jacket’s also offer a range of style options that can add to your look as well. From a classic bomber to an oversized trench coat, you will love the versatility and character points that an awesome jacket can bring to your ensemble.


Remember that you also get points for being comfortable. So, while the above tips are important, it’s also vital to come prepared for the long game. If those killer heels are actually killing your heels, then consider ditching them for something more appropriate.

A good compromise might be to stash some different shoes in your bag and to switch them out as the evening progresses. Similarly, if your dress looks amazing but is too tight to move in, then it’s probably worth looking for something else. Finally, don’t forget some warm clothing that will keep you feeling great for the entire time.  

The Final Dress Code

Make your next big event a memorable one by dressing to look the part. We have laid out our best advice to help you choose an outfit that looks great but also feels good at the same time. Always remember that there’s no point sacrificing one thing for the other, so always put enough time and effort into planning and you will come out in great shape.

For assistance with organising events in fantastic venues that really makes a difference, reach out to the event planners at Bond today. We will go above and beyond to make sure that your celebration is a total success.