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Group Outfit Ideas for the Spring Racing Carnival: Guys

The weather has turned and it’s time to get dressed up for the Spring Racing Carnival. But how do you look great and have an awesome amount of fun at the same time? By collaborating with your best friends and putting together some team inspired outfits! Read on for our top ideas that are perfect for the racetrack and deserve to be shown off as your party well into the night.

Matching suits

This one is for the guys and is sure to be a real showstopper. Get everyone on board by picking a colour and stick to it. Go for something that is easy enough to come by and will suit the style of the collective. Navy is a common option that looks great during the spring season and is appropriate for most events. Take things up a notch with mix and match blazers or really go wild with something in a red or green hue. You guys are sure to look amazing and will turn plenty of heads with your matching outfits. Worst case scenario? At least you won’t have any trouble finding each other in the crowd. 


Get a little funkier and tell the team to rock a striped tie of any variation. There’s plenty of scope here to show off individual style while still conforming to the overall theme. Striped ties are a fun way to match your outfits because there’s so many to choose from. Look for a black and white design or something with plenty of colour. Feel free to bring out a bowtie if you feel like it’s calling to you or stick with what’s tried and true. There’s no going wrong here as long as you all have fun. Just remember to follow the golden rule and wear a striped tie that looks great and you’ll all be set for a great time to remember.  

Awesome hats

Our next idea to boost your style standing is with hats of all shapes and sizes. It doesn’t matter what they are made of, how they look or what colour they are, as long as you all have one. Grab something that’s classy and adds plenty of sophistication to your outfit to remain as dapper as ever. Stuck for ideas? Think fedoras, driving caps, straw hats and even a totally awesome top hat! The options are plenty when it comes to fun and fantastic headwear which is great news for the entire team. You and your friends will look absolutely handsome. Being sun smart is just a bonus. 


Take a trip down memory lane and rock out in some smashing suspenders. That’s our tip at least. Suspenders can add a touch of class to anyone who’s looking to make a statement on the big day. And why shouldn’t you? The Races don’t come around everyday so it’s a great opportunity to try out some new things and test the waters with your best buds. Be sure to grab plenty of pics with the boys and you’ll all be winners.

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