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Group Outfit Ideas for the Spring Racing Carnival: Girls

Okay, so we’ve covered what the guys should wear to add a touch of fun to the Spring Carnival, so what about the girls? Prepare to team up with your best buds in ways that will definitely provide plenty of laughs. Think themed dresses, hats, jewellery and of course some killer heels. Dress as a team this Spring Racing Carnival and your girl squad will be guaranteed to leave a lasting impression. Check out our fabulous ideas below. 

Matching dresses

Grab your best frock and get the girls in line for some seriously powerful outfit matching. Choose a colour that works best for the gang and then get shopping for something that fits the theme. Beautiful blues and light greens are a fantastic choice and really reflect the spring weather. You can even go for a matching design in a different way, maybe it’s spots, stripes or anything else that you can think of. All that matters is that you and your friends are suitably attired to meet the team’s standards. 

Gorgeous hats

The Spring Racing Carnival is all about high fashion and that’s why a stylish hat should always be sitting in your wardrobe. Encourage the girls to each wear a hat that speaks to their style, personality and charm. Look for floral inspired designs or even add some vibrant flowers to your hair. Regardless of what you choose, the whole team will look stunning with a collection of awesome hats that will attract plenty of admirers and maybe even keep the sun away too.  


Pair your jewellery accordingly for an extra touch of charm. It could be cute, pearl earrings or a shiny necklace, rings or anything in between. Your collective class factor will take a step up when you look to match jewellery in a subtle yet meaningful way, and we are sure that you’ll have plenty of fun doing it. Our pick? Go for a bracelet that works with your dress and there will be endless compliments en route to you. 


Elevate your elegance with the perfect pair of heels. It’s not every day that you get the chance to dress up, so it’s worth grabbing this opportunity by both hands. Consort with the girls as to what works for everyone and then go from there. Bonus points if you already have the perfect thing collecting dust in your wardrobe. You’ll be saving some money and breathing new life into a forgotten pair. Just remember, you might not be the only Cinderella who misplaces a shoe at the big ball.       

Grab a booth to really make the day memorable

Why should the boys have all of the fun? Be sure to secure your place at one of Melbourne’s premier night spots to keep the good times going well after the sun has gone down. The Spring Racing Carnival is a great time to celebrate and live it up with friends and there’s no better way to cap things off then with a great night out.

Contact the team at Bond Melbourne if you want to kick things up a gear. Our stunning venue is fitted with the finest amenities and boasts space to dance, laugh and party all night long. Show off your team outfits in style when you choose to visit us.