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Gift ideas that your clients, sponsors & event attendees will actually want

How often have you been to an event and received a gift that you will probably never use? Too many times we’re guessing. How about coming up with corporate gifting ideas for your vendors or clients? Difficult, right?

While it can be a little daunting, if you get it right, it’ll leave your clients feeling pretty great! The better they feel about their gift they receive at your event, the more likely they are to speak highly of you to their colleagues, business partners and others within your industry.  

Sure, a box of chocolates is delicious… but you can do much, much better.

Desk plants

I don’t like plants … said no one, ever! Just knowing that you’re about to give a gift that will be loved, cherished, and make someone’s work desk look ever so homely is enough to want to give out desk plants. Our top tip? Make sure that you offer plants that aren’t ridiculously hard to travel with. After all, your event attendees need to travel home and to work without damaging them.  

Personalised liquor

Do we need to explain? The wine and gin industry is booming in Australia so you may as well make us of it! We recommend giving away engraved bottles or personalised labels for a special and unique way of showing your appreciation. If you have the budget to play with, you could even go totally out there and craft your own spirit or brew for the special occasion – that’ll certainly leave a good taste in your attendees’ mouth!

A memorable experience

Give the gift of an incredible memory… no seriously! This isn’t just some cheesy chat up line. How about giving your attendees a gift that they will remember forever? While a physical gift can be pretty sentimental, there’s something truly memorable about going somewhere an experiencing something for the very first time. Whether it’s an incredible meal at a renowned restaurant, a relaxing day at a beautiful or a thrill-seeking experience that isn’t too outrageous, you can’t go wrong.

Premium coffee

The Australian coffee culture is definitely one of the most advanced in the whole world. Who doesn’t appreciate a delicious caffeine fix in the am? Giving away coffee beans will make any caffeine lover happy and have them thanking you pretty much every time they wake up before work. There are a variety of fun little travel size coffee bean packages that’ll ensure your event stays on your sponsor’s mind throughout the rest of the year.

While it can be a little daunting picking gifts to give away at events, don’t take the process too seriously! After all, it’s the thought that counts and any gesture of goodwill should be appreciated. If you need help organising your next event or need some ideas about gifting, simply get in touch with our event organisers at Bond and we’ll ensure that your vision comes a reality.