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Food trends – The trendiest for your party

Food and beverage make up half the fun of any function or special event. Don’t leave anyone hungry (or unimpressed) by failing to think out a memorable menu. Drawing from trends the world over, we’ve compiled a list of the chicest finger-foods making the rounds.

Here are our top 5 trendiest finger-foods for your gastronomic event!

Bao Bun:

From the humble “char siu bao” bun to the sartorial saliva-inducer it is today, baos have been reinvented to suit western tastes and allow for “filling versatility”. Rather than their traditional pocket format, baos now come in a mitten form where condiments can easily be positioned within and then positioned… in the eater’s mouth.

Baos can be filled with and assortment of fillings for any dietary requirement. Opt for meat filled morsels with herbs and spices or even a vegetarian option for the health-conscious bunch. No matter the accompaniment, baos are sure to be a crowd pleaser.

Zucchini Flowers:

The piece de résistance of the “zero waste” movement, stuffed zucchini flowers have become the most avant-garde finger food to grace event platters since foie gras.

Historically, these nubbins growing on the tops of zucchinis were discarded, they now, however are being prepared with stuffed cheese, herbs and spices and fried to perfection, like a heavenly vegetarian croquette.

With the ease of preparation and finesse of it all, these florets will be a hit at your next function.

Sushi Rolls

What was once one of the most expensive foods to purchase in the 80’s is now 100% accessible but still 100% sophisticated.

Sushi rolls are a great touch to any party and are gentle enough on the palate to suit all tastes. Opt for vegetarian rolls for those who shy away from meat but be sure to include prawn rolls. They’re always a great crowd pleaser.

Note: It’s important to get your sushi hand rolled by professionals. Remember, these are finger foods, so it’s important that these tasty morsels won’t fall or collapse, making them too hard to eat by hand.


If anyone tells you that doughnut walls are a thing of the past, they’re dreaming. Doughnuts are here to stay! This delicious carb not only tastes a treat but it a bit more artisanal than the average slice of cake. Doughnut specialists can come up with a variety of flavours to suit your appetite so you can get the flavours that most appeal to your guests.

For a flavour that suits everyone, go for a plain glazed ring. For something more unique, how about ‘maple syrup and bacon bits’ for a balance of sweet and salty.

No matter the flavour, doughnuts make a trendy sweet treat for any event.


An extremely cost-effective finger-food that remains classy regardless of the selection.

Tapas is a great way of combining finely preserved foods, full of flavour, to guests looking for something with a bit of bite.  Accompanied with toothpicks, offer tapas bowls with a selection of fine olives, artichokes, pickled vegetables, calamares, patatas bravas and classic Spanish tapas dishes that are sure to impress.

Whether you’re wanting to go all out with your menu or keen to keep it simple, choose finger-foods that are on trend and interesting. You can even leave the heavy lifting to us. We’ll work with you to plan a menu perfect for your function, making it modern, memorable and of course, delicious!