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Food Stations to Have at Your Corporate Christmas Party

Office Christmas parties are all about bringing people together for a great time and plenty of celebrating. That’s why you should always be well prepared to throw a feast that includes a wide variety of scrumptious food. We’re talking fried treats, sweet bites, healthy options and some meat-based goodies too. Not sold? Eat your way through our list of the best food stations to include at your corporate Christmas party and we guarantee you’ll soon change your tune.

Fried Treats

Fire up the deep fryer and have the tasty treats ready to go. Start with some yummy double fried chips that people won’t be able to resist. Get creative and add plenty of fresh seasoning – try sea salt, rosemary and garlic powder for something traditional or go for paprika and chilli flakes for extra kick. From here, be sure to serve some deep fried chicken pieces that are nice and juicy on the inside but pack plenty of crunch on the outside. You’ll also want to include a dessert of sorts, so think about getting some indulgent Spanish-style churros ready for everyone to enjoy.

Meat options

Let the carnivores in attendance eat their fill with a meat based station that packs plenty of punch. We recommend having lamb, beef, pork and chicken available in some form, so everyone is well catered for. Stuck for ideas? Go for slow roasted lamb, braised beef cheeks, pulled pork and marinated chicken to bring heaps of flavour to your Christmas do. A meat based food station will make a great addition to your event and we promise that it will be a great hit.


It’s always a good idea to have some healthy options on the menu that will satisfy the gym junkies and fitness enthusiasts. Maybe you have a few marathon runners in the office or a personal trainer who is committed to counting the calories (all year round) and simple won’t budge.

Be sure to have some grilled fish fillets and chicken tenderloins that are basted in fresh lemon and herb marinades to maintain a zingy note. It could be as simple as including some fluffy rice dishes with baked veggies on the side to ensure that everyone who wants some extra protein and vitamins is taken care of.

Naughty & sweet

It wouldn’t be a Christmas party without a naughty food station that takes care of everyone’s sweet tooth. Think chocolate mud cake with whipped cream, decadent fruit cake covered in custard, crumbly meringue, sticky date pudding and Christmas style cupcakes that can be devoured in one bite! You don’t have to be on the naughty list to enjoy these sweet treats, but we guarantee that everyone will be more than impressed. Get your fill before they disappear.

Putting it all together

Corporate Christmas parties are our specialty at Bond Melbourne, and we love sharing the fun with clients all across Melbourne. If you are looking to throw a festive event that gets everyone in the mood to celebrate well into the night, then get in touch with our expert team and we will put your Christmas party wheels in motion.