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End of Financial Year Parties That People Actually Want to go to

The financial year brings with it a lot of hard work, stress and pressure for every business. Staff run themselves ragged meeting deadlines, finishing briefs and shooting content out the door. It’s only fitting that they should have an opportunity to relax and let their hair down before the cycle starts up again. As a great boss, you’ll want to host the perfect event for them to do just that – and there’s no better way than with a truly special End of Financial Year (EOFY) party. We’re talking scrumptious food, amazing entertainment and of course, a fantastic venue.

A Fantastic Venue

Step one is to choose a venue that will get people in the mood to party, long into the night. Look for a space that will inspire your guests with great lighting, acoustics and comfy furniture. For small teams, intimate sit-down meals work well. While for larger companies, consider something that will allow for plenty of open mingling.

Note: many businesses throw similar functions at these times, so you’ll want to contact Bond and put your name down ASAP for a booking and to get all the boring details out of the way. 

Keep in mind that a convenient location also goes a long way towards a ripper evening. Chances are your staff live close to the office, so anything local usually works. If you can swing something accessible via public transport too, then you’re off to a great start.  

Good food

Make sure that the food on offer throughout the night is truly delicious, whatever it may be. Ask around for ideas and preferences or speak with knowledgeable event staff for guidance. You can also find inspiration online – so there’s no need to panic! When planning, think about how you want the night to play out. To get people dancing, consider a banquet made up of fine finger food, rather than full silverware and fine china. Finally, don’t forget to include a range of options to cater for all your guests. Not everyone loves chilli or has a sweet tooth, so it’s always good to include a wide selection for people to choose from. Similarly, take note of any food allergies to make sure your night goes off without a hitch.


Every host wants their party to be wild, but keep in mind that many people are sticking with sobriety, well beyond Dry July. To make your evening as fun as possible, ensure that you have some fun, non-alcoholic drink options on the menu to include everyone – colourful, theme-based mocktails, maybe? It’s also important to save your staff from getting drunk to the point that they can’t stomach the thought of returning to work the following Monday. Just remember to be responsible with the service on offer so that everyone can celebrate the EOFY with class, and not shame.

Get in touch with our experienced event planners atBond today. We can help you to put together the type of EOFY party that people actually want to go to. Keep it fun, responsible and stylish to really give the stress of work a good kick!