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8 Amazing Ways to Promote Your Event via LinkedIn

Hosting an event but don’t yet have the numbers? If you’re not using LinkedIn, you’re selling yourself (and the event) short! LinkedIn is an incredible way to generate excitement, raise awareness and increase the number of attendees. How? By using these eight tips and tricks. Before you know it, you’ll have people begging to be on the guest list.

Start Your Own Group

Create excitement around the day before it even arrives! Give guests a central location where they can find important information, updates and links. Create polls to discover what people want to experience on the day! Attendees will also be able to connect with other guests before and after the event.

Get Tagging!

If your event includes well-known guests or sponsors, get tagging! Those involved want your event to be a success too, so they will happily promote it for you. With every post that’s reshared, a new audience will see your event and more people will click ‘attending.’

Use Existing Groups

Browse through LinkedIn’s search bar to find groups that have an interest in what you’re planning. Introduce yourself to the group’s admin so they can share your event with their members. This way more people will see your event and they are more likely to attend. Make sure to include a sweet incentive; we suggest discounted tickets or VIP access.

Use Your Network

Send personalised invitations to people you already know who you think may be interested in attending. Reach out to industry contacts who would benefit from promoting your event. Think media organisations or event sponsors.

Share with Your Company

You wouldn’t host an event and not share it with your team, would you? Create some hype and enthusiasm within your own company to boost numbers. After all, your team is likely to attend, bring friends, or even contribute to the event itself.

LinkedIn Company Showcase Page

This tip is useful for larger corporations where only some of your employees are attending (and the rest are missing out!) Keep those involved ‘in the know’ by posting updates and important information. Ask opinions on what they want to see on the day to leave them impressed.

Personal Updates

This is your event… you should be its number one promoter! Share to your own LinkedIn network – you may be surprised by who’s interested. Be careful not to self-promote though. Instead, highlight the main attractions or reasons why people would love your event.

LinkedIn Posts

Create a post that will be listed on your personal profile but can be discovered by other LinkedIn users. If interested, people can subscribe for updates on your event. Better yet, if your post is featured in ‘Pulse’ – LinkedIn’s own news feed – it’ll be the hottest ticket in town in no time.

Use these eight tips to promote your event and watch your guest list soar. Fancy some help? Contact Bond Melbourne on (03) 9981 9007 or at and let us help you plan your perfect event.